Art Contest!

The Crosby Group is raising awareness for the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation by launching the campaign Rigging for the Troops, which aims to raise money by donating a portion of every clip sold now through June 30th. Fallen Patriots provides college scholarships and educational counseling to military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty. Read more about Crosby’s campaign at

Just as Crosby is raising awareness for the Fallen Patriots through its Rigging for the Troops campaign, Voto Sales invites you to take part in an art contest to benefit the veterans of Jefferson County. Running from now until June 30th, the contest is available to any individual or group (church, school, etc.) that would like to enter. Contestants may submit a piece of art using any medium, as long as it follows the terms below, and must pay a $10.00 entry fee. Proceeds will be split between the veterans of Jefferson County and the winners of the contest.

Judging will take place at First Fridays on Fourth St. on July 5th. Artwork will be displayed in a gallery setting for the crowd to view and vote on. There will be two (2) 1st place winners.  One winner will be picked by a panel of judges, and the other will be picked by majority vote of the crowd in attendance (People’s Choice Award). As more entries are submitted, the cash pool gets larger, and more winners are added! Prizes include cash and other items.

Contestant is responsible for delivery of their project to the First Fridays Voto gallery tent for artwork submission. After the contest, the winning artwork will be displayed at Leonardo’s Coffeehouse, Historic Fort Steuben, and then finally at Voto Sales.

To enter the contest, please read the terms below:


  • Contestants may use whatever medium they like, but must incorporate the following:
    • A minimum of three (3) Crosby wire rope clips, obtainable at a discount at Voto Sales (details below)
    • The logos and/or words “Voto” and “Crosby” in their art piece
  • All art submissions must be tasteful and respectful with regards to the Rigging for the Troops campaign.
  • All entry submissions and entry fees must be received by May 31st.

By entering this contest, you agree to all terms above. Voto Sales reserves the right to reject any entry if any of the conditions above are not met. Entry fees will be refunded.

Use the coupon located at the bottom of your entry form to receive 10% off your Crosby clips! Plus, a portion of the sale will benefit the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation via the Rigging for the Troops campaign. We look forward to seeing your artwork!

Entry forms can be printed out online here, and can also be obtained and/or submitted at our location at 500 N. Third St. or via our friends at the following locations:

Historic Fort Steuben – 120 S. Third St.

Leonardo’s Coffee House – 159 N. Fourth St.

The Prodigal Daughter Treasures and Trinket – 164 N. Fourth St.

A big thank you to everyone involved!

First Fridays on Fourth St. Renaissance Coffee The Prodigal Daughter The Harmonium Project Historic Fort Steuben