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Just before World War II, on April 14, 1938, Harry H. Vogelsong, with the assistance of his wife, Dorothy, decided to establish a new business enterprise. His previous experience had been as a Manager of Operations and Sales for the Follansbee Steel Corporation in Toronto, Ohio, and Follansbee, West Virginia. Therefore, it was natural that his business would be geared to selling products and services to this industry in the Ohio Valley area around Steubenville. The operation was named The Voto Manufacturers Sales Company, which was derived by joining the first two letters of Vogelsong (VO) with the first two letters of his hometown, Toronto, Ohio (TO).

Initially, the business functioned as a manufacturers agent from an office on the ninth floor of the First National Bank Building at Fourth and Market Streets in Steubenville. It was soon apparent that selling heavy maintenance products by way of manufacturers direct shipments to customers was not providing the level of service originally intended.

Early in the 1940’s, arrangements were made to lease warehouse space, acquire a delivery truck, hire a driver/warehouse employee, and organize a shop floor for the processing of cut lengths of wire rope. This has been and continues to be a principal factor in the growth of the business.
Voto’s growth was also in part due to the rapid growth in the number of open pit coal mines forming to serve the war effort. To have a local source that would cut to length (customer specifications) and deliver to the job sites the wire rope necessary to operate the earth moving machinery was a novel and welcome service to the mine operators. Business soon expanded to customers within Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

After the end of World War II, the business expanded and required additional warehouse space, salespersons, and delivery trucks. The Company moved to leased property at 529 North Webster Avenue, between Logan and Clinton Streets. Additional product lines were acquired, especially steel castings, buckets, teeth, and earth moving expendables for mining machinery, as well as cutting edges, track rollers and pads for tractors.

Early in the 1950’s, a major customer moved its mining operations to Southeastern Ohio and invited Voto to provide a source for its supplies. This necessitated the formation of a branch office and warehouse in this area.

Property was purchased on Webster Avenue in the Steubenville area at this time. The Webster Avenue property, along with building additions and other property leased in the neighborhood, served the Company’s needs until a major move was made by the purchase of the former Sears, Roebuck and Company property at 500 North Third Street in July 1977. Voto’s main facility remains at this location today.

Late in the 1950’s, continued expansion of customers in Western Pennsylvania made it necessary to establish a branch office and warehouse in Clarion, Pennsylvania, in order to service customers properly. Additionally product lines were added, principally industrial lubricants, industrial rubber products, and hydraulic hose and fittings.

It was during this period that the opportunity to own stock in the Company was offered to employees wishing to participate. This led to further involvement in management and ownership by employees who then became officers and members of the Board of Directors. Harry H. Vogelsong, the principal stockholder, retired in 1976. In 1981, the Company was organized into an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), which provides for employees pensions. Additionally, as an ESOP, each employee is an owner-participant in the Company.
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